Newsletter – October 2020 [Volume2 Issue7]

Yoga and Interstitial Cystitis

Yoga is an ancient type of physical, mental, and spiritual activity that has been used as a therapy in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. It has recently been quite popular in the western world as a part of complementary medicine.

Chronic urologic disorders like chronic pelvic pain, prostatodynia, orchalgia, vulvodynia, and Interstitial cystitis are conditions difficult to diagnose and are often a diagnosis of exclusion. Traditional allopathic treatment is often unsuccessful in managing these chronic disorders leading to frustration amongst both health care practitioners and patients. They are often forced to look elsewhere for other modalities to provide pain relief and improve quality of life.1 Yoga is one of these modalities which has been extremely useful to many patients in reducing the suffering seen with these chronic urologic conditions. Read More

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