International Faculty – GIBS 2019

Don't miss the unique opportunity to interact with 
International Subject Expertise in coming GIBS 2019!

International Faculties who will be joining us in GIBS 2019 are –

Dr. Prof. Jean-Jacques Joseph Marc Wyndaele
Surgeon, Urologist, Neuro-Urologist and Rehabilitation Specialist
President - International society for the study of IC/BPS (ESSIC).
Belgium, Europe
Dr. Prof. Mauro Cervigni
Surgeon, Urologist and Gynecologist
Co-Founder & Vice-President of the International Society for the Study of IC/BPS (ESSIC).
Rome, Italy
Dr. Prof. Sándor Lovász
Urological Surgical Practice at the Jahn Ferenc Hospital, Budapest
Member of the International Society for the Study of IC/BPS (ESSIC).
Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Prof. Ming-Huei Lee
Urologist and Consultant
Founder and Consultant Physician, Taiwan Interstitial Cystitis Association.
Taichung City, Taiwan

Dr. Prof. Mohammad Sajjad Rahnama’i
Urologist and Consultant
Consultant Urologist University Hospital RWTH Aachen - Germany.
Germany, Europe
Dr. Prof. Eleonora Gaetani
Medical Director at the Division of Internal Gastroenterology of the Policlinico Gemelli.
Rome, Italy

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