Chairman’s Message

Dr. Rajesh Taneja Chairperson, GIBS

Welcome to the Global Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Society!

This is a humble attempt to organize all the possible efforts of the helping hands, in the fight against this dreadful disease which propagates misery not only for the individual patient, but also the whole family, friends and the medical care takers engaged in their management.

IC/ BPS , as you are well aware of, is not only poorly understood by the medical fraternity, it is also poorly defined, leading to gross misdiagnosis of these patients. This prolongs and exponentially magnifies the misery associated with this disease. Patients usually become withdrawn, depressed and occasionally develop suicidal thoughts.

Patients suffering from IC/BPS tend to draw support from anyone who is willing to support them to alleviate their pain. On the other side, every one around them might be potentially of help in one form or the other. The treating doctor, paramedical staff, the dietician, the psychological counsellor, spouse, immediate friends and also other patients suffering from the same disease can be of immense support to these patients. Therefore it becomes important to educate all the elements of society to fight the ills of this dreadful disease. Patient groups and web portals form a priceless combination to carry out this task.

I invite you to join this group and unleash your own potential to be a part of the task force against the pain and misery caused by IC /BPS !!