Cancellation and Refund


Cancellation & Refund Policy


Last updated on Sep 30th 2022

GIBS believes in helping its members as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

  • No cancellations & Refunds are entertained for GIBS Lifetime Membership.

  • GIBS does not accept cancellation requests for GIBS Lifetime Membership and GIBS Annual Conference Registrations /Paid Webinars.

  • In case of any Refunds approved by the GIBS, it’ll take 9-15 days for the refund to be processed to the end customer.

  • For More information on GIBS Conference and Webinars, you can visit to the latest updates page. []



Cancellation request will be acknowledge till 45days prior to the conference date. Post that the stay charges are 100% non-refundable, if cancelled.