Newsletter – August 2019 [Volume1 Issue3]

Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Patients with IC/BPS

Sexual dysfunction and Interstitial Cystitis/ Bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) go hand in glove.  It was seen to be present in as much as 90% of patients of IC/BPS is one of the study. The sexual dysfunction is blurred initially by the other acute symptoms which are at the forefront while the sexuality is being relegated to the backstage. But with an improvement in the understanding of the pathophysiology of IC/BPS and its treatment more and more patients are now reporting this dysfunction. In fact, there is a new scoring system proposed by Taneja and Massand, in their very recently published study, wherein they have proposed the inclusion of sexual dysfunction and psychological impact as domains to calculate the total score1. We as health care providers have to be updated on the subject and be ready to offer the solutions to ease the sufferings of not only the patient but the couple as a whole. In this edition of the newsletter, we would discuss the ways to smoothen out the intricacies associated with the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Read More

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