GIBS Clinical Practice Guidelines for IC/BPS

GIBS Core committee released the clinical practice guidelines for IC/BPS on the 26th of August 2017 at Mumbai. The guidelines were inaugurated by the President Elect of the Urological Society of India Dr. Ajit Vaze. The Guidelines have been formulated by the GIBS Core Committee members regarding clinical practice of IC/BPS. The release of these guidelines in India is a coveted step in increasing and facilitating the correct diagnosis and management of this under-diagnosed disease.

The members of the guideline committee include:

  • Rajesh Taneja, New Delhi
  • Sanjay Pandey, Mumbai
  • Uttam Mete, Chandigarh
  • Shivam Priyadarshi, Jaipur
  • Apul Goel, Lucknow
  • Amita Jain, New Delhi
  • Ranjana Sharma, New Delhi
  • Navita Purohit, Mumbai
  • Raman Tanwar, Gurugram

To access your copy of the guidelines please click here