GIBS 2016 – Inaugural Scientific Meet

Under the umbrella of Swati Orphan Disease Forum, GIBS in association with Swati SpentosePvt Ltd (Lead Patron) held its first scientific congress on IC/BPS in Mumbai from August 27th to 28th, 2016 to open the subject of IC/BPS and to create awareness among the medical fraternity like urologists and gynecologists about the disease and build consensus among them on the protocol for diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The objective was to develop the standard guidelines to streamline the diagnosis process in order to shorten assessment time in disease and subsequently avoid delay in treatment.

More than 100 doctors from all over India and around 50 from Mumbai  attended the event. Various scientific developments and clinical applications in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, metabolic evaluation and medical treatment of IC/BPS were discussed during the meet. Participants found GIBS the best interactive platform to further knowledge and to know latest about this subject by sharing experiences and difficulties with others brilliant brains/specialists working on this subject. More than 30 attendees registered themselves on the spot for the next annual meet by GIBS to be held in the month of Aug Nov 2017.

The team of physicians lead by Dr Rajesh Taneja and Dr Sanjay Pandey conceptualized a body (Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Syndrome Society) dedicated exclusively to Interstitial Cystitis and Bladder Pain Syndrome and was assured full infrastructural, secretarial and financial support by Mr Vishal Jajodia, Managing Director, Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd (SSPL). SSPL had a privilege to lead a global initiative on IC/BPS s under the able leadership of Dr Rajesh Taneja and Dr. Sanjay Pandey.

IC/BPS is one of the neglected diseases and the subject of bladder pain and bladder damage impacts as much as literally one fourth of the country’s population in some regions. Thus, GIBS envisions to take the initiative further by consolidating the present knowledge for future guidelines for the world.  GIBS plans to bring out a periodic publication, interactive website for patients and doctors module to certify doctors as specialist of IC BPS, etc. The guideline being developed by the panel of doctors comprising of urologist and gynecologists led by Dr Taneja are likely to be released by GIBS in a couple of months.

After the GIBS, SSPL (the platinum, gold and silver sponsor of “ESSIC 2016”) is glad to announce the next land mark meeting of the international authority (ESSIC) on IC/BPS, arriving first time in India with international leaders on the subject. The meeting is being hosted in Delhi for the Month of November 2016 (17th-19th) where global leaders on subject will interact and share their experiences.

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