Clinical Examination

Unit Five: Clinical Examination

Usually these patients are depressed as they have been suffering from the enigmatic disease, which many clinicians have failed to diagnose and treat. Hence these patients walk in to the clinic with a look of depression and anxiety.

There are no clinical pathognomic signs of this disease. There may be suprapubic tenderness. In women, clinical examination of vulva should exclude the obviously painful conditions. a discharge per vaginum may indicate endometriosis. In the absence of any clinical sign of inflammation, tender spots could be identified using a cotton bud and a note should be made of any trigger points in the perineal muscles.

In men examination of external genitalia should be done to exclude any obvious cause of pain. A rectal examination should be done to exclude an obviously tender prostate. At the same time note should be made of any tense muscular band along the levator ani muscles.

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