GIBS 2021: “Educate, Identify & Treat”

6th Annual (Virtual) Meeting of
Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Society

“Educate, Identify & Treat”

Date: 28th & 29th August 2021

An Educational Initiative By: Swati Spentose Pvt. Ltd.

“Let’s trouble the Trouble before the Trouble troubles us… Anymore!”

It is immense pleasure to state that GIBS 2021 is a grand success through virtual with its “Theme: Educate, Identify & Treat”

The aim of the GIBS is to disseminate the knowledge of IC to spread awareness about the science behind it. A short video on GIBS milestones was discussed. All these years, it took us great hard work and dedication to reach the place where we are today. As it is rightly said, “Nothing comes easy; it takes dedication and hard work”.

The meeting’s major highlights were diagnosis, treatment, management, diet, and disease scoring system for IC/BPS. For ages, many have been troubled by this condition of IC/BPS and it’s time now to get over it for a good quality of life which hadn’t been successfully done till now.

This year’s meeting received over 400 registrations from 37 countries all over the globe.

Yemen Vietnam USA United Kingdom UAE Sri-Lanka
South Africa Saudi Arabia Peru Palestine Pakistan Nigeria
Netherlands Nepal Myanmar Moscow Mexico Malaysia
Jordan Israel Indonesia France Ethiopia Egypt
Deutschland Cambodia Canada Brazil Bangladesh Bahrain
Algeria Australia Namibia Hungary Tanzania India

The journey has taken a peak! GIBS is determined to disseminate the evolving science of IC/BPS in all the seven continents, hopefully by the end of next year, in order to reach out to all those patients suffering from this disease and their physicians.

The planning for the further GIBS events & the 7th GIBS (2022) Annual Conference has already started by coining the theme as “Save a Bladder – Save a Family”

Information about the other details would follow through emails, as the program evolves through the
various planning stages.

Looking forward to another exciting year full of educational activities on the subject of IC/ BPS.


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