SSPL Participation

SSPL has contributed to scientific progress by participation in various congresses. In this way we have supported doctors and patients alike. Here is a list of latest events where SSPL participated in and the upcoming events:

Conference’2017 Participation
Name Date Location
USICON ANNUAL CONFERENCE’2017 18th – 21st Jan Mumbai Stall  Participation
AICOG 2017 (FOGSI) GYN ANNUAL CONFERENCE 25th – 29th Jan Ahmadabad Stall  Participation
GAPIO’2017 ANNUAL PHYSICIAN CONFERENCE 7th & 8th Jan’17 Hyderabad Stall  Participation & Talk on IC/BPS by Dr. Sanjay Pandey
Aayush World Expo 26-28th May‘2017 Mumbai, Worli Stall  Participation
PENERECON’17 (Live work shop) 3-4th June’17 Ahmadabad Stall  Participation
NZUSI (North Zone Urology society of India) 17-18th June Kanpur Stall  Participation
Master class in Uro-onco with live work shop, Delhi 26th & 27th August Delhi Stall  Participation
“Update in management of cancer prostate on 9th Sept’2017@Medanta 9th Sept’17 Delhi Stall  Participation
2nd “ GYNAE ADCON”-2017 IMA 9th & 10th Sept’2017 Delhi Stall  Participation & Talk on IC/BPS by Dr. Rajesh Taneja
Plan to Participate
WZUSICON’ 2017 5th – 7th Oct’17 Bhopal Stall  Participation
NZUSICON’ 2017 3rd – 5th Nov’17 Meerut Stall  Participation
EZUSICON’ 2017 10th & 11th Nov’17 Bhubaneswar Stall  Participation
Advances in UroGynaecology 2017 conference 2-4th Nov’17 Hyderabad Stall  Participation & Talk on IC/BPS by Dr. Sanjay Pandey


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